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George Twite

07786 462698

Fakenham Angling Club


NR21 7LR

We welcome new members of all ages and abilities

All club members and day ticket holders must observe Club rules. Failure to observe any club rule may result in expulsion of members and/or refusal of future day tickets.

Day Tickets
Day tickets must be purchased before fishing from Gregs Tackle;7 Norwich Road
Fakenham, Norfolk NR21 8AX 07933 308478

They are available to fish all week (Monday thru Sunday)for:
Wilsmore Lake, Fakenham
River Wensum, Fakenham

There are a limited amount of day tickets: 8 Willsmore; for any given day!

If for any reason you wish to purchase a day ticket to fish on a bank holiday then you need to pre-purchase that ticket for the given date at Gregs tackle!

There is a NO DAY TICKET fishing policy on a Sunday!

Day ticket prices for all three waters:
Adults £6.00
Juniors (under 16) £3.00
Senior citizens (65 or over) £6.00
Evening £3.00
24 hour £10.00.

Foxley - guest tickets only available via members at above rates, to fish accompanied by a member

Club Membership

Family Ticket: £50 ~ this ticket is for 2 adults and up to 3 children living at the same address.

Partners Ticket: £60 ~ two adults living at the same address. This will allow both adults to fish either together or separately.

Adult Ticket: £40 ~ standard adult ticket

Senior Ticket: £20 ~ senior citizen ticket (age 65+)

Junior Ticket: £10 ~ junior ticket for ages 16-18

Child Accompanied Ticket: £10 ~ this will allow any child to fish, as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult. The adult does not have to share the same address and can fish alongside the child. NOTE: this DOES NOT allow the adult to fish on their own without the child! The adult must be 21 or older.

Further to this each Adult ticket will have a single FREE guest ticket associated with it for the season. so if you wish to bring a friend fishing you will have a free guest day ticket for any water when you become a club member.

On top of all this we would like to remind all members that you are insured by the club, once you are a member, for accidents and tackle damage etc

if you require further information about this then please contact the club!

There is a limit of 300 members in any year.
Annual club membership runs from 1 April to 31 March.
Annual subscription is due on 1 April each year.
New Members may join at any time.

NB Any person must hold an up to date membership to fish Club waters, or else buy a day ticket if they have not yet renewed their membership.

The Club has no catchment area limit.

Gregs tackle is now open in Fakenham and very kindly will give all club members 10% discount on proof of membership!

Don't forget to mention Clubaroo when contactingf this club

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