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What do you get?

Each Club that subscribes gets a professional listing as follows:

  • A full-page advertisement for your Club, with Club logo

  • Comprehensive information about your club/classes or activity 

  • Up to 3 photos to highlight your club/classes or activity

  • Your Club video clip

  • Search engine back-link to your website

  • Regular Newsletter

  • Share your club videos to our YouTube Channel

  • No fixed contracts - cancel when you like

  • Use of the Clubaroo logo in marketing material

  • Excellent Clubaroo support

How do users find Clubaroo?

We promote Clubaroo on all major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. We also attend local events to promote the activities we advertise. We also invest heavily in SEO (search engine optimisation) to ensure people locally, who search for your activity, will find us.  

Key benefits to subscribing with us? 

We are a One-Stop-Shop here to promote your Club with a view to getting you new members.

We are happy to come and visit you and promote you through video and promotional write-ups.

We are not a "static directory" - we believe in promoting you and working with you, and we can update your listing as required.

How much is it to subscribe?

Nothing! It's absolutely free to subscribe.


What we ask of our subscribers

  • You must be looking for new members/students or participants 

  • You must be friendly and approachable

  • You must inform us of any major changes to your listing

  • You must be fully qualified to offer the activity you promote and you must have relevant insurances in place. 

Cooking Class
Freshly Caught Fish
Chilren During Physical Education Lesson
Water Polo Players

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